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Signal-GK 4
SGK Issue 04a cover 350.jpg
Issue 4
Publisher Signal-GK
Version MegaTraveller
Author Jae Campbell
Format PDF
Year Published 1992
Pages 58
Available from Signal-GK/issues
Table of Contents
Editorial 3
Contact Lancians 4
Cybertraveller 8
The demands of Justice 18
Port of call Ziruushda 24
Butterflies 28
New Medicine 28
Breathless 31
Just another world 36
Library Data Old Suns 43
War Zone Old Suns 51
Transponder alert 55


Cover: “TheTower” by Nik Piper

Interior art: David Burden [DB](p5); David Schneider [DSch] (p17);Stuart Machin [SM]; Nik Piper [NP] (p20, 32, 35 – both, 43); Adrian Stewart [AS] (p38, 52); Leighton Piper [LP](p33); Paul Sanders [PS](p30, 57, 38); Duncan Law-Green [LG] (p7, 55); Jae Campbell [JC] and Len Robinson [LR] (p14).

Subsector Maps: Andrew Pickford Warzone Maps: Leighton Piper based on Andrew Pickford’s originals.

Dagudashaag Development Team: Duncan, Adie, Leighton, Stuart and Jae with assistance from Alison Nash

Table of Contents[edit]

Guest Editorial by Leighton Piper 3
Contact: Lancians by David Burden 4
Cybertraveller by David Burden & Leighton Piper 8
CABAl by Leighton Piper 12
The Demands of Justice by David Schneider 18
Port of call: Ziruushda (world) by Jae Campbell 24
Butterflies by Adie Stewart 26
INDSS by Nick Walker 27
New Medicine by Adie Stewart 28
Breathless: Hamanoik Conspiracy Part IV by Leighton Piper 31
Just another world by Adie Stewart 36
Library Data: Old Suns Subsector by DDT 43
War Zone: Old Suns by Stuart Machin 51
Transponder Alert by Jae Campbell 55