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Signal-GK 3
SGK issue 03-350.png
Orbital Waltz
Publisher Signal-GK
Version MegaTraveller
Author Jae Campbell
Format Periodical (PDF Magazine)
Canonical No
Edition 1st
Year Published 1989
Pages 62
Available from Signal-GK/issues


Cover: “Orbital Waltz” - Richard Minty
Interior art: Stuart Machin [SM] (p18, 29), Nik Piper [NP] (p4, 24), Duncan Law-Green [LG](p3, 15), Jae Campbell [JC](p5, 7, 10, 20, 24, 32, 33) . P43 image unknown.
Subsector Maps: Andrew Pickford

Table of Contents[edit]

Legends and Lore OF THE Dagudashaag Sector by Jae Campbell & Leighton Piper 3
Contact: the Malaach by Jae Campbell 5
Port of Call: Ushra (world) by Duncan Law-Green 11
Alexander Brayden by Stuart Machin 18
INDISS by Jae Campbell 19
Tracers by Jae Campbell 20
Red Eagles by Stuart Machin 26
AKA: Black Widow by Stuart Machin 29
Port of Call: Hellas (world) by Leighton Piper 31
Black Dancer by Nick Walker 34
Languages of Dagudashaag by Adie Stewart 35
Where Red Eagles Dare by Leighton Piper 37
Hearts and Flowers by Nick Walker 42
Library Data: Ushra Subsector 47
War Zone: Ushra by Stuart Machin 57
Natter with a Nutter by Jae Campbell 60
Transponder Alert! by Jae Campbell 61