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Signal-GK 2
SGK issue 02 250.jpg
Aslani Rising
Publisher Signal-GK
Version MegaTraveller
Author Jae Campbell
Format PDF
Canonical No
Edition 1st
Year Published 1989
Pages 76
Available from Signal-GK/issues


Cover: “Aslani Rising” by Duncan Law-Green
Interior art: Stuart Machin [SM](p12-14), Nik Piper [NP](p6, 8, 16, 19, 38), Adrian Stewart [AS](p4), Duncan Law-Green [LG](p35, 47, 51, 53), Jae Campbell [JC] (p3, 5, 26, 30-31, 52, 66) and Len Robinson [LR](p34), Dee Smith [DS](p10, 25) & Richard Minty [RM](p18).
Subsector Maps: Andrew Pickford

Table of Contents[edit]

Legends and Lore of the Dagudashaag Sector by Adrian Stuart (JC, DLG) 3
Wet! Wet! Wet! The Hamanok Conspiracy Part 1 by Leighton Piper 5
Helm of Athena: Stealth in MegaTraveller by Stuart Machin 11
Hard Wired: Rapid Cold Start by Stuart Machin 13
INDISS by J. Duncan Law-Green 15
Contact: the Geehrtahe by Leighton Piper 16
Highpoint by Adrian Stuart 18
Port of Call: Dashi (world) by Jae Campbell 26
AKA by Jae Campbell & Duncan Law-Green 34
One of our Doctors is Missing by Leighton Piper 37
Contact: the Alikasch by Duncan Law-Green 40
Port of Call: Medurma (world) by Duncan Law-Green 46
Contact: Athar by Duncan Law-Green 53
Library Data: Pact Subsector 58
Warzone: Pact by Stuart Machin 69
Transponder Alert by Jae Campbell 73