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Signal-GK 13
Issue 13 - Final Issue
Publisher Signal-GK
Version Traveller: The New Era
Author Leighton Piper
Format PDF
Year Published 1997
Pages 32
Available from Signal-GK/issues


Tim Osbourne, Nik Piper, Jae Campbell
Bilanidin font designed by Glenn Hoppe
Subsector maps by Andrew Pickford

Table of Contents[edit]

Contents List and Starport FreeFax 1
Editorial (and an apology) 2
Port of Call: Reshumirak (world) by Jae Campbell 3
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly by Jae Campbell 13
Additional Trade & Cargo rule by Leighton Piper 14
Cargo bonds in Milieu 0 by Dominic Mooney 16
Additional Cargo by Jo Grant 17
Trafe - A CyberTraveller adventure by Paolo Marino 18
Additional plotlines for Remnants Subsector by Leighton Piper 27
INDISS by Jae Campbell & Leighton Piper 28
Low Tech by Martin Dougherty 30
Library Data: Remnants Subsector by Leighton Piper and Jae Campbell Supplement