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Signal-GK 12
Signalgk12 350.jpg
Issue 12
Publisher Signal-GK
Version Traveller The New Era
Author Leighton Piper
Format Periodical (PDF Fanzine)
Canonical 0
Year Published 1996
Pages 62
Available from Signal-GK/issues
Table of Contents
contents 2
Editorial 3
Starport Freefax 3
Port of call Ersharsa 4
T4 Review 11
Adventure The Hunter File 12
Corporate Brief DagMet Ag 32
Vargr Az Alrrak Intruder 41
Vargr Garr Aedz scout 44
Library Data Iiradu 45
Library Data Khandi 57



Cover by Tim Osborne
Interior art by Angela Taylor, Tim Osborne, Nik Piper, Leighton Piper, Jae Campbell, Andy Lilly
Subsector maps by Andrew Pickford

Table of Contents[edit]

Contents page 2
Editorial by Leighton Piper 3
Starport Freefax by Jae Campbell 3
Port of call: Ersharsa by Neil Taylor 4
T4 Review by Tim Osborne 11
Adventure: The Hunter file by Andy Lilly 12
Corporate Brief: DagMet by Leighton Piper 32
Library Data: Iiradu Subsector DDT Supplement
Library Data: Khandi Subsector DDT Supplement