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Signal-GK 10
Signalgk10 350.jpg
Issue 10
Publisher Signal-GK
Version Traveller The New Era
Author Jae Campbell
Format PDF
Canonical 0
Edition 1st
Year Published 1995
Pages 61
Available from Signal-GK/issues
Table of Contents
Editorial 3
Port of call: Nukaush 4
Androids 10
Traveller's Mission 14
Contact: Spense's Shrimp 17
Adventure: Gateway II 27
Holdout weapons 36
AKA Joat Githerin 42
Library Data: Arnakhish Subsector 45


Cover : Vilani Slaver and Ashdak Meshukiiba by Tim Osborne
Nik Piper, Leighton Piper, Len Robinson, Anthony Baggley, Jae Campbell, Duncan Law-Green

Table of Contents[edit]

Editorial by Leighton Piper 3
Port of call: Nukaush by Jae Campbell 4
Androids by Roger E. Moore 10
Traveller's Mission by Jae Campbell 14
Contact: Spence's Shrimp & Cow Ants by Tim Osborne 17
Adventure: Gateway II by Leighton Piper 27
Holdout Weapons by Anthony Baggley 36
INDISS by Jae Campbell and Lee Richardson 40
AKA Joat Githerin by Lee Richardson 42
Library Data: Arnakhish Subsector Supplement