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Signal-GK 8
Issue 8 - Rebellion Special
Publisher Signal-GK
Version Traveller The New Era
Author Jae Campbell
Format Magazine (PDF)
Canonical No
Year Published 1994
Pages 56
Available from Signal-GK/issues


Author: Jae Campbell

Table of Contents[edit]

Contents Page 1
Editorial by Leighton Piper 2
ZineScene by Leighton Piper 2
What is Sex? by Roger Myhre 3
Starport Authority by Robert Bates 5
IronFist Freeport by John Tatman 7
When a Cold Wind blows by Adie Stewart 12
Starport Freefax by Jae Campbell 18
INDISS News by Jae Campbell 19
Contact: M'nengi by Jae Campbell 21
Wolfbane by Rogre Myhre 26
Bug Hunt by Leighton Piper 28
Library Data: Laraa Subsector Supplement