Ships of the Distant Fringe

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The Ships of the Distant Fringe is a listing of some of the more common starships and spacecraft operating within the Distant Fringe region.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Each ship has a detailed description. The ship's tonnage is noted in "dTons", a contraction of Displacement Tons.

  • Starships within the Distant Fringe utilise DeVoss-type jump drives, limited to a performance of jump-2 (the so-called Jump-2 Barrier).
  • Some vessels are noted as having a Secure Locker. This is, in all respects, useable as cargo storage.

Vessel Cost[edit]

The listed base cost for a ship represents the price for an individually constructed vessel of that type. The ship must be constructed in the appropriate type of shipyard at the appropriate TL. The base cost reflects the fees and costs associated with retooling the yard facilities and all of the associated planning, administrative and logistic processes.

  • The listed base cost of a vessel includes the undiscounted base cost of any subcraft that it carries.
  • The listed discounted cost also includes the discounted cost of any subcraft inherent in the design.

Satellites and Stations[edit]

Name Representative Class TL Tonnage
Sensor Buoy Sanctuary class Sensor Buoy TL-11 50 dTons
Orbital Complex Harbor class Orbital Station TL-11 95,000 dTons

Small Craft[edit]

Name Representative Class TL Tonnage
Gig Goblin class Gig TL-9 10 dTons
Pinnace Narva class Pinnace TL-9 20 dTons
Heavy Pinnace Caroline class Heavy Pinnace TL-9 30 dTons
Ship's Boat Songbird class Ship's Boat TL-9 40 dTons
Launch Constance class Launch TL-9 50 dTons
Lifeboat Deliverance class Lifeboat TL-9 50 dTons
Runabout Apollo class Runabout TL-7 50 dTons
Shuttle Vanguard class Shuttle TL-7 90 dTons
Fast Shuttle Excellence class Fast Shuttle TL-8 90 dTons

Civilian Vessels[edit]

Jump-0 Vessels[edit]

Name Representative Class TL Tonnage
Lander Omicron class Heavy Lander TL-9 400 dTons
Lander Colossus class Heavy Lander TL-9 1,200 dTons
Cargo Barge Bluestone class Cargo Barge TL-7 3,000 dTons
Fuel Lighter Nimrod class Fuel Lighter TL-10 15,000 dTons

Jump-1 Vessels[edit]

Name Representative Class TL Tonnage
Light Trader Tachyon class Light Trader TL-9 100 dTons
Provincial Trader Consul class Provincial Trader TL-9 400 dTons
Provincial Merchant Jasper class Provincial Merchant TL-9 900 dTons
Provincial Freighter Goliath class Provincial Freighter TL-9 3,500 dTons
Provincial Carrier Aspirant class Provincial Carrier TL-9 9,000 dTons
Mercantile Carrier Suluru class Mercantile Carrier TL-9 20,000 dTons
Heavy Carrier Connestoga class Heavy Carrier TL-10 45,000 dTons
Bulk Carrier Empress class Bulk Carrier TL-11 75,000 dTons

Jump-2 Vessels[edit]

Name Representative Class TL Tonnage
Commercial Courier Messenger class Commercial Courier TL-11 100 dTons
Free Trader Wulf class Free Trader TL-11 200 dTons
Executive Yacht Starblade class Executive Yacht TL-11 200 dTons
Merchant Trader Palatine class Merchant Trader TL-11 700 dTons
Luxury Liner Codori Prime class Luxury Liner TL-11 800 dTons
Light Freighter Virtue class Light Freighter TL-11 1,500 dTons
Commercial Tender Hercules class Commercial Tender TL-11 3,500 dTons
Merchant Freighter Sirocco class Merchant Freighter TL-11 5,000 dTons
Bulk Freighter Jack Driscoll class Bulk Freighter TL-11 5,000 dTons
Passenger Liner Horizon class Passenger Liner TL-11 6,000 dTons
Medium Tanker Provision class Medium Tanker TL-11 8,000 dTons
Cruise Liner Olympian class Cruise Liner TL-11 10,000 dTons
Medium Freighter Prosperity class Medium Freighter TL-11 12,000 dTons
Civilian Ship Transporter Endeavor class Ship Transporter TL-11 30,000 dTons
Heavy Freighter Conveyor class Heavy Freighter TL-11 35,000 dTons
Heavy Tanker Baleen class Heavy Tanker TL-11 40,000 dTons
Range Carrier Corporate class Range Carrier TL-11 75,000 dTons
Frame Carrier Mariner class Frame Carrier TL-11 90,000 dTons

Paramilitary Vessels[edit]

Image Repository[edit]

Fighter Images 2.jpg
An assortment of fighters used within the Distant Fringe.


Name Representative Class TL Tonnage
Light Interceptor Vigilance class Interceptor TL-7 6 dTons
Light Fighter Revenant class Light Fighter TL-9 7 dTons
Strike Fighter Razor class Strike Fighter TL-8 8 dTons
Armored Fighter Bulwark class Armored Fighter TL-10 13 dTons
Heavy Fighter Aethon class Heavy Fighter TL-9 20 dTons

Military Small Craft[edit]

Name Representative Class TL Tonnage
Assault Shuttle Gallant class Assault Shuttle TL-11 80 dTons

Jump-0 Vessels[edit]

Name Representative Class TL Tonnage
Assault Transport Fearless class Assault Transport TL-10 300 dTons
System Defense Boat Drakkon class System Defense Boat TL-11 400 dTons

Jump-2 Vessels[edit]

Name Representative Class TL Tonnage
Patrol Sloop Samardin class Patrol Sloop TL-11 500 dTons
Long-Range Scout Ulysses class Long-Range Scout TL-11 600 dTons
Light Corvette Hatchet class Light Corvette TL-11 1,000 dTons
Military Transporter Marius class Ship Transporter TL-11 30,000 dTons

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

See also Distant Fringe Class A Starports, Recovery Trade, Gas Trader, Nomad Port, Conventional Pattern Starships, Long-Range Pattern Starships, X-Range Starships, Star Lanes, and Technology of The Distant Fringe.

Other basic vehicles can be reviewed at Vehicles of the Distant Fringe and Flying Craft of the Distant Fringe.

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