Ships of the Distant Fringe

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A listing of some of the more common starships and spacecraft operating within the Distant Fringe region.

Details / Specifications[edit]

Each ship has a detailed description. The ship's tonnage is noted in "dTons", a contraction of Displacement Tons.

  • Starships within the Distant Fringe utilise DeVoss-type jump drives, limited to a performance of jump-2 (the so-called Jump-2 Barrier).
  • Some vessels are noted as having a Secure Locker. This is, in all respects, useable as cargo storage.


The listed base cost for a ship represents the price for an individually constructed vessel of that type. The ship must be constructed in the appropriate type of shipyard at the appropriate TL. The base cost reflects the fees and costs associated with retooling the yard facilities and all of the associated planning, administrative and logistic processes.

  • The listed base cost of a vessel includes the undiscounted base cost of any subcraft that it carries.
  • The listed discounted cost also includes the discounted cost of any subcraft inherent in the design.

Generic Satellites[edit]

Generic Small Craft[edit]

Small Craft[edit]

Generic Civilian Vessels[edit]

Jump-0 Vessels[edit]

Jump-1 Vessels[edit]

Jump-2 Vessels[edit]

Generic Paramilitary Vessels[edit]


Small Craft[edit]

Jump-0 Vessels[edit]

Jump-2 Vessels[edit]

History / Background[edit]

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