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Sfuizia (translated as "InterLanguage" but usually referred to as S'mrii) is the primary language of the S'mrii used throughout the S'mrii ConSentiency polity.


Research into the glottochronology of the S'mrii language is ongoing, but it is believed that they spoke a single, global language as early as -12,000. This language, Sfuizia is particularly rich in sibilants and explosive consonants. It is decidedly difficult for humans to pronounce. S'mrii are, however, all fluent in Anglic, so communication problems are rarely encountered. One interesting point concerns the pronunciation of the S'mrii phoneme iskaee, usually referred to as an asterisk (*) in Galangic texts. The phoneme is properly pronounced as a rapidly frequency-modulated sound - iiiiu. It is believed that the asterisk representation derives from the "phoneme untranslatable" error symbol produced by early Solomani computer language translation units.

Written S'mrii occurs in two primary forms. The first is Old Written InterLanguage, which has direct roots in the languages of pre-holocaust Mimu. It use presently is primarily ceremonial - used for artistic inscription, the text of official treaties, etc.

New Written InterLanguage is a rationalized and simplified version of the earlier form, more suitable for computer data entry. Its use was reasonably universal by about -1400, during the early years of the S'mrii Consentiency.

Historical Linguistics[edit]

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This language is primarily in use in the following areas:

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