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Sesshayr: State religion of the Eslyat minor race of the Vanguard Reaches, responsible for taking the Eslyat out of their technological "dark ages." The religion's founder, Sansdantka, preached that any gap can be crossed if the aspirant is willing to work to build the bridge. Gaps, in the broad sense, are between people, islands, or even worlds. The analogy was particularly relevant on the Elliador homeworld as the land mass is an archipelago.

Sansdantka also preached that bridges were two-way, so that before building a bridge to a new land, one must solve one's own problems lest they travel across the bridge. Sesshayr stresses proper management of resources (physical, economic, and emotional) to make the present habitat as pleasant as possible. It is a major injustice to do damage to the environment, to defraud or steal, or to sow the seeds of dissent. Free speech is encouraged, at least on the surface, for lively discussion. In practice, Sesshayr is highly inflexible and all-pervading in Eslyat society.

As a state religion, Sesshayr assumes the form of an omnipresent government throughout the Eslyat theocracy. Worlds are Orthodox or Heretical based on their assimilation of Eslyat religious beliefs. Heretical worlds are dangerous to travellers, more in the spiritual or ideological sense than the physical. Criminals who murder or steal are also Heretical and their imprisonment is for their rehabilitation. There are many Eslyat prison worlds.

The Eslyat life is a gregarious one, with much time in socializing groups, using the well-developed art of conversation. Design of homes, cities and starships always includes extra areas for congregating, while actual living quarters are comparatively small and communal quarters are common.

The Eslyat require more "personal space" than most human races due to their large tails and tendency to gesture demonstratively with their hands and bodies while talking. Designs of buildings and spacecraft take this space requirement into consideration. Some Eslyat have developed severe depression when isolated from other members of their race. As their religion and society create a high level of interdependence, Eslyat function poorly when separated from the support of others.

Eslyat diplomats have always dealt with Vilani envoys as inferiors, as they believe their society to be superior to any other they have met. They particularly devalue Imperial society because of its infighting, civil wars, rampant senseless crime, and lack of respect for other individuals. The official Eslyat view is that Vilani society is backward and barbaric, and should be dealt with only as a hostile influence to be kept at bay.

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