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Seeker Gaming Systems was founded in 1985 and published two 15mm scale building plans. In 1986, SGS received its "Approved for use with Traveller" licences as well as approval to publish material for Fantasy Games Unlimited's Space Opera game. In 1987, Seeker produced three deckplans for the new MegaTraveller game, published in both 15mm and 25mm scales.

During the Origins 87 Trade Show, the Official 10th Anniversary Commemorative Poster designed by William H. Keith, Jr., and produced by Seeker was released and presented to Marc W. Miller.

In 1988, Seeker produced two more 15mm/25mm deckplans for the Origins show, and received a license to produce material for GDW's 2300AD game. Seeker also bought the entirety of FASA's Traveller line, including High Passage and Far Traveller magazines as well as the books and deckplans.

Between 1988 and 1991, Seeker produced several more deckplans, upgraded for the new MegaTraveller line. They also produced deckplans for 2300AD and Space Opera as well as building plans.

In 1991, Seeker changed its name to Seeker Gaming Systems, and updated its logo to reflect the new name. By 1992, Seeker ceased publishing any new Traveller material.

In 2001, Seeker Gaming System reached an agreement with Marc Miller and Far Future Enterprises, passing the copyright for some of FASA Traveller material to Marc. Seeker Gaming System retained rights to their deck plans, some of the Martian Metals miniatures, and High Passage and Far Traveller magazines.

In 2002, Seeker reappeared as a web merchant selling "classic" versions of their original deck plans and building plans.

In August of 2006, Seeker closed it doors, reopening as Power Fusion 3D, selling Poser 3D models, including starships, tanks and future warriors.

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