Scouts & Assassins

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Scouts and Assassins
Scouts and Assassins
Publisher Paranoia Press
Version Classic Traveller
Author Donald P. Rapp
Format Digest
Canonical 0
Edition Second edition
Year Published 1981
Pages 12
Available from RPGNow
Dedicated to Andrew J. Offut.

A new treatment for Scouts, published before the official GDW version Scouts


Contains an expanded character generation system for Scouts, deck plans for the Serpent class Scout vessel, an alternative mechanism for dealing with failed survival rolls, and a basic character generation system for Assassins


Donald P. Rapp
Chuck Kallenbach II and Steve Eden

Table of Contents[edit]

Scouting for Adventure 1
Serpent Class Scout Plans Looseleaf
Unfit for Service 7
The Assassin in Traveller 8