Scam, Rogues in Space Vol. 2

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Lies And Deceit, Stings And Scams...
Publisher Cargonaut Press
Version Classic Traveller
Author William H. Keith Jr.J. Andrew Keith
Format Book (Folded & stapled with heavy cardstock cover)
Canonical No
Edition 1st
Year Published 19xx
Pages 68
Insert: Cardstock "Personality Profile Form." Counterfeit "Quitclaim Deed."

Lies And Deceit, Stings And Scams...

From simple bluffs and casual deceit to elaborate confidence games worth millions of credits... from complex swindles to carefully prepared impersonations... with this supplement there awaits a widely varied set of guidelines and adventures essential to any Traveller campaign or adventure.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

For the first time, detailed rules are now available which make it possible for adventurers to practice deceptions of almost any kind. Whether it is a simple bluff to get past a hostile guard, an attempt to use deceit to achieve a goal — be it access to a person or place, acquisition of equipment without paying large amounts of money, or gaining the ear of a gullible patron — or a sting designed to net a fortune from a hapless mark, Scam provides rules to supplement the basic concepts found in Traveller and bring this aspect of adventuring to life.

This supplement contains complete rules on all aspects of con games and the people who run them. Rules cover such diverse matters as reactions, disguise, and impersonation, the gullibility of NPCs (and even other player characters!), equipment, and new skills that may be earned — and ways of earning them — when characters are embarking upon criminal careers. This supplement also contains a series of short adventures which make use of the rules in simple scams. These may be played, with the adventurers 'assisting' a master con artist who formulates these intricate stings, but they may also be used strictly as a source of inspiration so that the players may come up with scams of their own.

Add a new dimension to the many worlds of Traveller with Scam.

Size: 8.5"x11"

Meta-history & Background[edit]

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Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

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Table of Contents[edit]

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