Sandston (world)

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Sandston/Aarr (Extolian 0631)
Classic Era (1115)
StarportB Good: Spacecraft Construction, Overhaul, Refined fuel
Size8 Large (12,800 km, 0.80g - 1.08g)
Atmosphere6 Standard
Hydrographics4 Wet World 40%
Population2 Low (100)
Government0 No Government structure
Law5 Moderate Law (no concealable weapons)
Tech Level7 Pre-Stellar (electronics)
See also UWP
System Details
Primary G3 V
Planetoid Belts 0
Gas Giants 3
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Sandston is a low-population, nonindustrial world with a population of less than 10,000 sophonts in size.

  • As a nonindustrial world, It requires extensive imports of outside technology to maintain a modern, star-faring society.
  • This world-system hosts a Naval Base, usually associated with military starships, which may be located on or off-world.

Description (Planetology)[edit]

This world is part of the Cambre Accord. It serves as the headquarters for the Cambre Security Forces. A single squadron is stationed at this tiny Naval Base, and their top secret military boat yards have painstakingly built twelve TL–7 Heroic Event Class Light Attack Boats and sixteen Courageous Class Light Fighters. These are carried by the four TL–9 Aggressive Predator Class Attack Boat Tenders they had built for them. One hundred military personnel are posted here for one local year. There is no central government as only military personnel are typically present, aside from the civilian contractors brought in to work on the naval forces. The ship crews outnumber the resident security forces assigned to this garrison.

It has a world trade number of 5, which reflects military contracts for resupply and passengers are typically military crews transferring in or out of their assigned duty stations. The civilian starport facilities virtually non-existent and are usually left unmanned. There is no commercial industrial production to speak of and no real exports. Occasionally the government will authorize a resource gathering expedition.

Local gravity is 1.02 Gs due to the planet's size and medium iron core content. The planetary density is 5.55 g/ml. It has a standard oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere at 1.06 earth's atmospheric pressure, with a normal climate. It is not tidally locked, nor terra-formed and sits 0.88 AU from its G3 yellow main sequence star.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

World is a low-population, nonindustrial world with a population less than 10,000 sophonts in population size.

It is possible the Hivers, K'kree steppe lords, and the aggressive Ithklur Aexzz have all had a hand in the formation of the Cambre Accord.

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