Salatho National Military Force

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The Salatho National Military Force is a World-State military.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A large consignment of TL–8 Fringian Fast Shuttles was brought in by agricultural companies. Corporations like Winkel De Vries, in cooperation with Green Moon (based on Garin) and Trans-Rissa Transfer, needed transport assets capable of loading and unloading their massive freighters as fast as possible. Several of these craft were nationalized. The seized craft were modernized to TL–9 standards, and armed for combat. Some are left unmodified and used to transport troops.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

In the Velous Subsector of the Far Home Sector There are several different nation states and politically independent and interdependent sovereign countries in control of territories on the world of Salatho (world). Ever since the Salatho Uprising of the Scybrian Wars. A rebellion against the oppressive policies of the Firstworlds, these states have struggled to maintain forces to ensure their autonomy in the face of larger state actors. Several of these nations have purchased obsolete equipment from more advanced states. They try to use equipment that can be maintained with their available level of TL–9 technology. Several countries use native built vehicles and ships. Many of these ships are commercial vessels that have been retro-fitted with weapon systems to give them paramilitary abilities.

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