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Taking the place of the Third Imperium of a generation ago (1116) are two new powers, the Sacred Stars and the Sovereign Domain of Gateway. Both are grounded in high-tech, high-pop worlds that have managed to retain their technology, having been allied with Emperor Lucan during the War of the Rebellion.

Rishalii (Fornast 2602), the capital of today’s Sacred Stars, was an extremely wealthy but rather introverted world: the Stellar Divinity theocratic government had no expeditionary forces. During the Rebellion, Rishalii served as a major manufacturing plant and rally point for Lucan’s military operations against Regent Brzk’s League of Antares.

Nulinad, regional capital of the Sacred Stars

Nulinad joined the Sacred Stars mainly due to strong pressure from local corporations and the military establishment: the corporations wanted both additional investment and access to the very wealthy market on Rishalii, while the military felt that Nulinad’s security would benefit by being under the wing of her more powerful new ally. The general population initially supported the union, seeing Rishalii as pro-Lucan brethren like themselves. By the time the cultural downside of joining the theocratic Sacred Stars became apparent, it was too late to leave.

Despite being the capital world of the sector for centuries, Nulinadian cultures are mildly anti-alien, while being culturally and religiously pluralistic. However, the Sacred Stars empire is strongly conformist (grating on the independently-minded Nulinadians), religiously queer (the Stellar Divinity religion was decisively rejected by the largely Hindi & Muslim sector centuries ago), and values aliens as equals before their gods (which aggravate the strongly pro-Solomani Muslims & Christians).

Within the Sacred Stars, all astronomers and astrologers must be certified by the interstellar government, on pain of personality engineering to force belief in the StarGods. And of course, no unbeliever may set foot on Rishalii, outside of the starport.

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