Sacnoth Infantry Battalion

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Typical of Sacnoth Dominate troops and equipped with identical four companies, this is a flexible formation with experience under harsh winter conditions. They see ice and snow as allies. The majority of their vehicles and equipment are TL–12. The infantry has 4mm Gauss Rifles with 4cm HEAP RAM grenades, disposable anti-tank rocket launchers and Gauss LMG as a squad support weapon. The vehicle crews have CES and 9mm auto-pistols.

Headquarters Section: 2 officers, 9 NCOs and enlisted, 2 cooks w/a field kitchen, 1 Grav APC
Fire Support Section: 1 officer, 9 NCOs and enlisted, 2 Grav Tanks, 2 Air Rafts w/ 8cm mortars
Medical Squad: 1 officer, 7 NCOs and enlisted
(3) Rifle Platoons: 1 officer, 26 NCOs and enlisted, 2 Air Rafts, 3 Grav APC

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