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Sacnoth Dominate (Polity) Synopsis[edit]

Succeeded by the New Sacnoth Dominate. Part of the Sword Worlds.

Sacnoth Dominate (Polity) Goals[edit]


Sacnoth Dominate (Polity) History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

(-187 to -102) A former interstellar state consisting of all the Sword Worlds settled at the time. It is usually considered to be the first interstellar government in the Sword Worlds subsector, though some historians maintain that the loose hegemony Gram exercised over its colonies in the early days constituted an interstellar government of sorts.

The Dominate was established in -187 after a two-year conflict during which Sacnoth's small navy defeated Gram's small navy.

The Dominate established formal diplomatic relations with the Darrians in -164, but the Sword Worlds were afraid of cultural conatmination from the much more numerous Darrians and kept to themselves as much as possible; there were no significant trade and very little interaction of any kind.

From -149 onward, survey expeditions were sent to selected worlds in the Tanoose (Vilis), Ginnungagap (Lanth), Sepireld (Lunion), Pilgrim (District 268), and Diadem (Glisten) subsectors. Colonies and outposts were established on a number of worlds, including Bowman, Caliburn, Dainslaf (Saurus), Dragvendel (Tenalphi), Eriksen (Tarsus), Hoding (Dawnworld), Igliim (Steel), Lyusing (Asgard), Skofnung (Gunn), and Tanoose (Garda-Vilis).

In -104 tensions between Sacnoth and Gram escalated into the War of the First Rebellion. As a result the Dominate broke up in -102 into the Gram Confederation, the Sacnoth Confederacy, and the Hofud Alliance.

Sacnoth Dominate (Polity) Government & Politics (Leadership)[edit]


Sacnoth Dominate (Politics) Admiral Gerald Von Haust[edit]



A squadron of ten Windhorst Class Heavy Cruisers under of the command of Admiral Gerald Von Haust were involved in the incident that lead to the rebellion. The admiral fell in love the governor's daughter at a formal dance. He then killed a high ranking rival suitor in a duel. His squadron had been specializing in commerce raiding. Some felt he had devolved into a privateer of sorts. When his commanding officers refused to hand him over for trial and execution, that was enough of an excuse to unleash sword world war machines. His ship's troops had looted several small outposts and reflagged them. He divided the proceeds among his men, making him very popular and making his forces extremely loyal. He also recruited from among the defeated, offering to spare their lives in exchange for faithful service under his personal command. He stated they were all loyal sword world citizens with misguided leaders, it wasn't the soldier's fault.


Service: Navy- 7 Terms
Stats: 8589CC Age: 46
Benefits Blade x3 Funds: 105,000
Skills: Administration-2, Blade Combat-1, Electronic-2, Engineering-1, Forward Observer-1, Gun Combat-2, Jack-o-T-1, Mechanical-1, Medical-1, Ships' Boat-2

Sacnoth Dominate (Polity) Technology & Trade (Economy)[edit]


Sacnoth Dominate (Polity) Military & Intelligence (Force Projection)[edit]

The Sacnoth Zweigkraft (Sacnoth Armed Forces) use units like this Sacnoth Infantry Battalion for security forces. Each royal household is expected to raise and maintain units like this for the defense of the realm. Some are hired out as Huscarles.

Sacnoth Dominate (Polity) Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]


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