SORAG (book)

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Sorag 1.jpg
Handbook of organization and equipment
Publisher Paranoia Press
Version Classic Traveller
Author Chuck Kallenbach
Format Digest
Canonical 0
Year Published 1981
Pages 26
Available from RPGNow

A detailed description of the secret intelligence branch of the Zhodani in the Vanguard Reaches including character generation, sample characters and special equipment. 26 page booklet.

Meta-History and Background[edit]



Chuck Kallenbach.
Additional suggestions
William A. Barton, Marc W. Miller, and Donald P. Rapp
Chuck Kallenbach II, Dan DeBurger

Table of Contents[edit]

General Background 1
History 2
Required Material 3
Pre-Selection Options 3
Selection 4
Acquiring Skills and Expertise 4
Mustering Out 7
Special Assignment Resolution 10
Description of Skills 12
Dossiers 17
Equipment 18
General Background 19
Pharmaceuticals 19
Combat Equipment 21
Surveillance Devices 23
Vehicles 24