SITREP1: Callia

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SITREP 1: Callia
Publisher Avenger Enterprises
Version Mongoose Traveller
Author Martin Dougherty
Format PDF
Canonical Yes
Year Published 2009
Pages 23

RSS Avenger[edit]

A research and exploration cruiser operating on the far reaches of known space. An independent ship, RSS Avenger works for the highest bidder and takes the oddest jobs.

Exploring the Spinward Marches[edit]

Currently assigned to Glisten subsector of the Spinward Marches, the crew of RSS Avenger reports on the worlds, people and places of the Marches in an unbiased, unofficial and thoroughly unprofessional manner, bringing you the inside skivvy that the Scout Service isn't allowed to report.

The World of Callia[edit]

SITREP volume 1 details the desert world of Callia; its people, its politics and its pubs. This is no dry Scout Service or Colonial Office report. We went, we saw, we got thrown in the slammer. And all so that you, intrepid traveller, don't have to.

Trying Out Stuff[edit]

Our clients wanted their money's worth out of us, so they sent us a pile of gear to try out on our travels; to review and, well... abuse... in a variety of interesting ways. They sent us guns, flak jackets, blades, vacc suits and vehicles. We used the guns to test the rest of the stuff to destruction.