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An Old Spacer's Tale is a legend, myth, rumor, or generally good story told by spacers, the sophonts who spend so much of their lives in space.

  • There are countless tales of mysteries, anomalies, and numerous matters of interest told across Charted Space.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Such myths and tales can be truthful, fictional, or somewhere in-between.

  • They are primarily told for entertainment purposes, a way of passing the long hours spent in the lonely voids between worlds.

Who are Spacers?[edit]

Spacers are any sophont with the Traveller Gene who have ventured off planet.

Their ranks include:

  1. Anyone with the Traveller Gene
  2. Astrogators
  3. Belters
  4. Diplomats
  5. Exoarchaeologists
  6. Exobiologists
  7. Imperial Marines (e.g. the Marine career)
  8. Pilots
  9. Mercenaries
  10. Merchant Princes
  11. Roboticists
  12. Scientists (e.g. the Scholar career)
  13. Soldiers (e.g. the Soldier career)
  14. Sophontologists
  15. Space Fuelers
  16. Spacers (e.g. the Spacer career)
  17. Star Vikings
  18. Terraformers
  19. Travellers

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Every populated world and system is full of stories from those of the local NIL "natives" to the first colonists to the gentlesophonts still around today. And some of the locals may be belters or other kinds of spacers found in a planetoid belt outpost or highport.

Ply them with a few drinks, a meal, some gifts, or even an outright bribe and who knows what information or chitchat they might share...

Selected Tales from Charted Space[edit]

Rumored Tales:

  1. Abyss Rift
  2. Aki
  3. Arkidgi
  4. Black Ships
  5. Core Expedition
  6. Danuuz
  7. Dashus Khurisi
  8. Deadspace
  9. Delphic Anomalies
  10. Derchon Anomaly
  11. Esseray
  12. Giirkha Girgi
  13. Ghost Ships
  14. Golden Planet
  15. Igliim
  16. Kursae
  17. Mobile World
  18. Muriisdi
  19. Sky Raiders
  20. Space Sargasso
  21. Space Whales
  22. Star Trigger
  23. Turokan's Expedition to the Galactic Rim AKA Rim Expedition
  24. Yaskoydray AKA Grandfather

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