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The following list describes the "stations" - fleets - of the Caledonian Navy, and their constituent Task Forces.

"Station" is a peacetime term. In wartime, engaged "Stations" become operational "Fleets".

Stations/Fleets are commanded by Vice-Admirals (three-star rank).


The Navy is organized as follows:

  • Fleet HQ - located at the Caledon naval highport, the Navy is commanded by a four-star admiral.
    • Fleet HQ also controls several (currently four) Reserve task forces, which are deployed to support the Stations as needed.
  • Four "Stations" - Each station reports to Fleet HQ, and covers a one of the key strategic directions. They are listed below. Each Station is commanded by a Vice (three-star) Admiral.
    • Each "Station" controls a number of "Task Forces", depending on the strategic situation
    • Each station also controls one or more "Forward Operating Bases"; fleet stations located outside Caledonian space, in friendly or non-aligned space. The "FOBs" serve as bases for observation and covering forces to monitor key areas outside the Principality, as well as providing logistical support to Task Forces deployed from the Principality during major fleet movements.
  • Fleet HQ directly controls the Fleet Train, a massive force of logistics and support ships that allows the RCN to maintain a high level of operations outside Caledonian space, if need be.

About Task Forces and Forward Operating Bases[edit]

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The RCN has the following stations.

Spinward Station[edit]

Based at Caithness, the Spinward Station has been for hundreds of years heavily engaged against Reavers, especially those from the Khan World League, with whom combat is sporadic but fierce. This station also maintains contact with the Islaiat Dominate, and observes the various Aslan systems to spinward.

The following Task Forces currently operate on the Spinward Station:

Forward Operating Bases[edit]

The following FOBs report to the Spinward Station:

  • FOB Rhys - A component of the Spinward Station (Caithness), FOB Rhys is a key listening post against Reaver and Aslan expansion out of the Hryaroaa Subsector, as well as an refueling point for convoys traversing between Aslan and Caledonian space.
  • FOB Dunmarrow - FOB Dunmarrow keeps contact with Aslan forces, as well as maintaining the rimward cordon against the Khanate and protecting shipping to and from the trading base located here.
  • FOB Pulou - FOB Pulou is the key coreward watchpost against the Khanate.
  • FOB Gofannon - FOB Gofannon is a new FOB, protecting trade routes and exploration to spin-coreward.

Driftward Station[edit]

Headquartered at the Royal Dockyard (starbase) on Victory, this station maintains contact with and surveillance of Imperial forces on the Imperium's rapidly-fraying border to driftward. As Imperial control gets more frazzled, piracy and other forms of brigandry have become more common.

The Driftward Station currently comprises the following Task Forces:

Forward Operating Bases[edit]

The Driftward Station operates one Forward Operating Base:

  • FOB Skye - Skye is a forward staging area for trade and commerce protection between the Principality and the Imperium. As the Imperium decays, the workload at this FOB increases.

Coreward Station[edit]

Based at the dockyard on Cuillin, this station largely patrols the desolate but mineral-rich systems to coreward. Pirates and other brigands are a constant, but low-key, threat in this area of operations.

The Coreward station currently comprises the following Task Forces:

  • Task Force 10 - Homeport Cuillin
  • Task Force 23 - Homeport Annan.
    • TF23's secondary mission is to be ready to reinforce the Spinward Station in an emergency. This is something of a reflection of both the lower-key operational tempo to Coreward, as well as the evolving situation to Spinward.
  • Task Force 25 - Homeport Firth
    • TF25, likewise, is on a footing to reinforce the Driftward station - a reflection of the decaying border as the Imperial borders get more fractious.

Forward Operating Bases[edit]

The Rimward Station controls forces in three FOBs:

Rimward Station[edit]

Based on Douglass, this station maintains contact with the friendly Confederacy of Duncinae. The Rimward Station also guards the rich trade routes stretching out to the various states between Aslan and Imperial territory. This station also keeps tabs on the aggressive, expansionist Grand Duchy of Marlheim, which bears Duncinae no good will and is seen as a potential future proximate rival to Caledon. Beyond that, scouts, navy units and intelligence work to keep an eye on the distant but growing Solomani threat.

The following Task Forces comprise the Rimward Station:

Forward Operating Bases[edit]

Rimward Station controls an extensive group of FOBs:

  • FOB Dakaar - FOB Dakaar watches the fluid, tense space between the decaying Imperium, the underdog ally Duncinae and the ever-more-unstable Carillan Assembly.
  • FOB Mulkins -FOB Mulkins is a key contact point with the Confederacy of Duncinae, which is under constant threat from Marlheim and the Carrillan Assembly. FOB Mulkins has been recently expanded.
  • FOB Shamas - Units assigned to FOB Shamas is hotly engaged against bandits, privateers and reavers in the gap between the Principality and the Aslan Hierate. Shamas is also a key waypoint connecting Gaajpaadje to the Principality.
  • FOB Gaajpaadje - FOB Gaajpaadje's primary job is to observe the aggressive expansion of the Grand Duchy of Marlheim. This FOB has also been recently reinforced.

Uncommitted Task Forces[edit]

Currently, the following Task Forces aren't committed to any Station, but serve as a mobile strategic reserve, able to deploy to assist any of the stations.

Caledonian strategic doctrine is to concentrate these groups into one large striking force - a formidable tactical group, and an equally formidable logistical challenge for the Fleet Train, one that the forces drill for fairly constantly.

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