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The Roth Thokken are a Vargr sub-species, intra-species race (if you prefer), and an ethnicity of the Major Race of Vargr from the same LAIR as other Vargr originate.

  • They are found generally in Angfutsag Sector, though they can range in both packs and individual Travellers into Kfazz Ghik, Trenchans, Ktiin’gzat and Mugheen’t Sectors and points beyond. The Roth Thokken are reclusive, reserved, and consider all other non-psionic Vargr to be handicapped without the Psi-Senses.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Rumored note: Other subspecies believe Roth Thokken are strange, superstitious and display fetishistic rituals surrounding their culture and involving their psionic heritage.

  • Niche and Subniche: Carnivore Chaser
  • Environ Flux: 0
  • Native Terrain: Clear – The Roth Thokken preferred wide open lands and farming communities in their sub-species infancy on Lair. Lair’s Clear Terrain was shared reluctantly with the Gvegh until the discovery of the Jump Drive.
  • Breathes: Air-8
  • Genders: FM Female and Male
  • Morphology: Clear Grasslands Walker
  • Castes: n/a
  • Characteristics: SDEIEC (Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence, Education, Charisma)
    • C1 Strength: Male 2D-1 Female 2D-1
    • C2 Dexterity: Male 2D+1 Female 2D+1
    • C3 Endurance: Male 2D-1 Female 2D-1
    • C4 Intelligence: Male 2D Female 2D
    • C5 Education: Male 2D Female 2D
    • C6 Charisma: Male 2D Female 2D
    • CS Sanity: Male 2D Female 2D (not rolled at Chargen)
    • CP Psionics: 2D+3 (rolled at Chargen infancy, Awakening at birth)
  • Senses:
    • Vision: blind at birth, possibly remedied with cybernetic augmentation (culturally despised)
    • Hearing: H20-94/72 Roth Thokken sense of hearing is more sensitive than Vargr who can see.
    • Smell: S21-5 Vargr sense of smell is slightly more Sharp than Humaniti and some other sub-species of Vargr.
    • Touch: T16-3 Due to their blindness, Roth Thokken value their tactile sense higher than other Vargr.
    • Aware: Roth Thokken are not Aware unless their Psi-Senses develop to sense Mag and Lek.
    • Perception: P22-44 This sense is largely tangent to Roth Thokken hearing.
    • Energy:
    • Vibration:
    • Fields:
    • Auras:
  • Racial Scent: VAR-7FK
  • Overview:
    • HBS-T-AN-LN-T
    • Head with Brain & Senses
      • Torso present
      • Limbgroup1 Arms
      • Limbgroup2 n/a
      • Limbgroup3 Legs
      • Limbgroup4 n/a
      • Tail present
  • Skeleton: Bony Interior
  • Fluids: Blood
  • Skin: Furry Pelt
  • Weapon: Fangs-1, claws no extra damage
  • Manipulators: Hands
  • Grip: 0
  • Preferred Controls: 0
  • Optimized Controls: 0
  • Alien Controls:' -1
  • Configurable Controls: 0
  • Touch: 0
  • Stance: Vertical
  • Special Abilities:
    • Talent: Other than psionics at birth, Roth Thokken evidence no other Talents.
  • Gender Consensus: Female 50% Male 50%
  • Voice: Guttural
  • Language: Verbal; Roth Thokken are soft-spoken with calm demeanors and feature four, advancing-tier alphabets of raised relief dots-and-slashes, tactile text.
  • Poice: Common
  • Roth Thokken Average Size: Male 55 kilograms (121.25 pounds) Female 55 kilograms (121.25 pounds)
  • Roth Thokken Typical Height: Male 1.5 meters (4 feet, 11 inches) Female 1.5 meters (4 feet, 11 inches)
  • Roth Thokken Psionics: Roth Thokken are born and immediately Awaken (sometimes before birth at Referee discretion) and generate CP or Psi using 2D+3. Roth Thokken receive testing and training immediately during infancy and through cubhood development.
  • Roth Thokken Tech Level Cap: 33
  • Gravitics: 9
  • FusionPlus: 13
  • Event Branch Manipulation: 27
  • Jump Drive: 9

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Roth Thokken of LAIR/Grnouf (Provence 2402), about their G5 V stellar primary. Lair A8859B9-E Cx Ga Hi Pr Pz [Vargr], see your local Library Data for more info on the Vargr home world.

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