Rogue Moon of Spinstorme

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Rogue Moon of Spinstorme
Publisher Judges Guild
Version Classic Traveller
Author Dave Sering
Format Book
Canonical 0
Year Published 1981
Pages 32
Available from RPGNow
Product# 720

Border Prowler Series

Border Prowler Two.

Star commando raid on the mysterious fortress.

Alien battle machines and warbots await. Brave the dreaded peril of the Spinstorme

This 32 page adventure continues the Border Prowler Adventure Series as players investigate a mysterious ruined installation. All Maps and Encounter Tables are provided for this adventure in the rings and moons of a gas giant.

Set in the Gateway Quadrant, this is the second in the series of independent linked modules. This product is designed to serve as an introductory scenario to campaign gaming and provides a complete set of pre-generated characters. Though intended to be played as the second in a series, this adventure can be played on its own or as part of a larger campaign. The same personnel and equipment is used for this as was used for Amycus Probe. New information is introduced into the ongoing plot. Complete personnel and equipment statistics are given for ships, assault shuttles and opposition forces.

Contains 15mm deck plans for an Assault Shuttle.

This is a sequel to Amycus Probe and is followed by Darkling Ship.

Table of contents[edit]

Introduction ... 3
Mission Briefing ... 3
Pregenerated Characters ... 11
Planetary Maps ... 16
Equipment Lists ... 19
Assaut Shuttle ... 21
Installation Map 1 ... 23
Installation Map 2 ... 25
Encounter Table ... 28
Battle Raft ... 29
Debriefing ... 30


Designer: Dave Sering
Cover Art: Rick Houser
Graphics and Layout: Jerry Taylor
Composing: Debye Pruitt
Playtesting: Chicago Wargamer's Association