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Roger E. Moore is a Traveller author, contributor, and fan.

  • He is a writer of roleplaying games including being editor of the Dungeon and Dragon magazines.

Description (Biography)[edit]

He discovered roleplaying games in the late 1970s while writing gaming articles for various magazines while he was with the U.S. Army. He joined TSR, Inc., as a magazine editor in May 1983, progressing through the ranks to become the editor of both Dungeon and Dragon magazines. He later moved to the games division and became creative director of the AD&D core rules product group. He joined Wizards of the Coast in 1997 when TSR, Inc. was acquired and continued to write and edit gaming materials of all sorts, finally leaving the company in late 2000. He has written fiction for Dragonlance and other game worlds. He is the author of the Greyhawk product The Adventure Begins, which won the 1999 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Accessory.

  • Mr. Moore is a past member of the SFWA.

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