Rite of Assassination

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The Rite of Assassination is an archaic Imperial law providing for leadership succession according to the dictates of power politics.

  • And by power politics, what is meant is might makes right, the law of the jungle.
  • It is also known as the Right of Assassination.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The first Third Imperium emperor to be shot by his successor was Cleon III, also known as Cleon the Mad. Selected by lot in a secret meeting of the High Moot, Porfiria shot Cleon III in his council chambers in 245. Porfiria was subsequently proclaimed Empress by Moot confirmation.

  • During the Civil War period, several usurpers attempted to claim the throne by the right of assassination - few succeeded... in receiving in-coerced Moot confirmation.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Although the right of assassination has fallen into disuse, it is generally agreed that for the method to be a valid route to the Iridium Throne, certain precedents must be followed:

  • 1.) The assassin must be a high noble;
  • 2.) The assassin must kill the Emperor by his own hand in the presence of witnesses;
  • 3.) The Moot must approve of the new Emperor; just as with any successor.

Thus, the reason for the assassination must be well founded, or Moot confirmation will likely be denied. Moot confirmation can make all the difference - depending on what the Moot says, the assassin could be hailed as a courageous hero (...with legitimacy) or prosecuted as a seditious murderer (...without legitimacy).

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