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Rimward Opportunities was a Development Organization active within Far Home Sector during the 50th–52nd centuries.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Rimward Opportunities was a large but nebulous organisation that sought to develop the worlds and systems under its jurisdiction. It claimed altruistic intentions – the dissipation of humanity over a broad area to lessen the danger of disaster – but its bottom line was always commerce and profit. It was divided into five separate semi-autonomous Directorates, each controlled by a Director. These included the Pel Avena Directorate, based in the Pel Avena Cluster, and Far Rim Mining, which operated along the edge of the Great Void.

Period Active[edit]

  • Rimward Opportunities 4933AD–5183AD
  • "Hollow Opportunities" 5184AD–ca 5350AD




  • Directorate of Internal Affairs
  • Office of Colonial Affairs
  • Office of Sophont Affairs
  • Office of Trade
  • Department of Defense

Subsector Listing[edit]

Rimward Opportunities was active within the following Subsectors:

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Clashed with New Frontiers Development Organization in Orret Subsector.

Clashed with Tal Varisan Development in Demon's Eye Subsector.

Clashed with Scybrian Settlement Development Organization in Paradise Subsector.

ca 4933AD–5350AD.

Rimward Opportunities was a corporate venture begun by a group of disgruntled executives displaced by a power struggle within Tal Varisan Development. It sought to improve the systems along the rimward edge of the Distant Fringe, an area that had previously been neglected and was little more than wilderness. It increasingly found itself in competition with New Frontiers to trailing. Its core systems became the Rimward Federation.

Major Historical Events Timeline[edit]

  • 4933AD: Formation of Rimward Opportunities Development Organization.
  • 5183AD: The Rimward Federation is founded from the core regions of Rimward Opportunities.
  • 5184AD: "Hollow Opportunities".
  • 5350AD: Rimward Opportunities ceases to exist as an entity.

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