Rimward Federation 2T Air Raft

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Built for Rimward Federation on Dal Hallen (world)

Rimward Federation 2T Air Raft (TL 10)[edit]

The vehicle has a crew of four (driver, loader, gunner and commander) It can carry three passengers. It carries a 4mm VRF Gauss gun in a fully stabilized front chassis mount.


Height: 2 m; Width: 3.5 m; Length: 4 m.
Total usable volume: 28 m³
Total mass loaded: 46.0345457 metric tons
Armor: Chassis all faces, 20.
Target Size DMs: +2 low, no high hits
Production Cost: Cr1,899,992.5


Onboard gravitic generators produce 3.9 Gs thrust.

Maximum: 2,785 kph/2,320 cm; Cruise: 2,088 kph/1,740 cm; NOE: 140 kph/117 cm.
Movement effect on fire: None

The vehicle is equipped with a full avionics TL A suite.

Power / Equipment:[edit]

Power: 18 megawatt fusion power plant
consumes 27 liters of fuel/ hour; fuel capacity 510.65 liters, enough for 18.9 hours.
  • Sealed environment with life support for seven;
  • Power 30 target acquisition RADAR;
  • Thermal imaging for night operations;
  • 5,000 km range radio;
  • Map box.


Full weapons stabilization.

Front Chassis Mount[edit]

The front chassis mounts a VRF Gauss Gun.

Direct Fire Characteristics: VRF Gauss Gun
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
1500 m (21)+8 3000 m (19)+6 4500 m (17)+3

The main VRF Gauss Gun has storage for 30,000 rounds, enough to allow 23 fire phases of sustained fire. It can engage 16 targets in 15 seconds.

The Air Raft has a tactical missile tube launcher mounted in the chassis.

The 30kg missiles are armed with a HEAP (High Explosive Armor Piercing) warhead capable of penetration 47 for AT or High Explosive 25/4/4 on hard steel armor for AA.

Direct Fire Characteristics: HEAP Warhead Missiles and HE Warhead Missiles
Type Range Price
Teleguided 14km or 4km +10 speed DM Cr1,742 or Cr1,736
Radio Command Link 24km or 14km with +10 speed DM (+3 DM) Cr242 or Cr236

The tube launch system has a storage capacity of 20x missiles.


Vehicle: 5

Weapons: 3

Electronics: 12

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