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Generic Rifle
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Generic Rifle
Group: Ranged Weapon
Tech Level 5
Size 1,000mm
Weight 4,000 grams
Cost Cr200
Ammo 7mm bullet, x30 rounds
Manufacturer Various
Generic Rifle

A Rifle (4,500 grams loaded; Cr220; TL-5) is the standard military arm, firing a 7mm, 10 gram bullet at a velocity of approximately 900 meters per second. [1]

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Longer and heavier than a carbine, it is also more effective. Standard equipment includes provisions for attaching a bayonet and telescopic sights, and a shoulder sling. A twenty-round magazine is attached to the front of the trigger guard, and one round is fired with each pull of the trigger. Replacement of the empty magazine takes a small amount of time. Rifle ammunition may also be used in automatic rifles; rifle and auto rifle magazines are interchangeable, and weigh the same.

Weapon Characteristics[edit]

Length: 1,000mm. Weight, unloaded: 4,000 grams (loaded magazine weighs 500 grams). Base price: Cr200 (loaded magazine: Cr20). [2]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The rifle is a natural development of improved and improving ammunition technology. The Hand Cannon leads to the Flintlock Musket, which led to the Percussion Rifle, which in turn leads to the contemporary rifle, which is still a potent weapons after more than a thousand years in the field. Rifles are still popular for training, hunting, and many other uses, although their usage on the contemporary battlefield of 1105 IC is very limited except on less technologically advanced worlds. [3]

Rifles come of age in the TL:4-6 epoch and are never really considered obsolete as they remain useful well into the TL:13-15 epoch. However, the weapon tends to be superceded by the Automatic Rifle, Assault Rifle, and the ACR. By TL:13-15, Plasma Weaponry and Gaus Rifles tend to predominate. [4]

Selected Rifle Models[edit]

  1. TL-5 Rifle

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