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A Research Ship is a civilian non-commercial ship designed to engage in scientific research, astrographic or system surveys, or similar kinds of work.

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Ship Doctrine[edit]

Laboratory (L) A flying laboratory. Designed with scientific experimentation in mind, the ship has unusual design elements to facilitate all manner of research.
Survey (LS) The IISS uses survey ships extensively to catalog and keep accurate the maps of the thousands of Imperial worlds.

Representative Classes[edit]

25 Representative Research (L) Classes

Class Origin Hull designation Technology level Tonnage Jump Drive
Class Origin Hull designation Technology level Tonnage Jump Drive
Breaker class Corvette Gamma Republic LE 11 300 2
Ciri class Laboratory Ship I'Sred*Ni L 12 400 2
Cozzi class Corvette Jarnac Pashalic LE 13 200 2
Cyclone class War Corvette Corellian League LE 15 1,000 4
Donosev class Survey Scout Third Imperium LS 15 400 3
Exatar class Ramscoop Jumpship Interstellar Confederacy LE 14
Explorer class Survey Cruiser Third Imperium LC 12 800 3
Fresnel Effect class Lab Ship Third Imperium LL 12 400 2
Fringian Long-Range Scout Distant Fringe LS 11 600 2
Hkiyrerao class Researcher Aslan Hierate L 14 400 4
Kodan class Corvette Third Imperium LE 15 700 4
Kugashin class Laboratory Ship Third Imperium LS 13 400 2
Lancer class Corvette Senlis Foederate LE 12 200 3
Lavalier class Laboratory Ship Third Imperium L 11 400 2
Lintula class Survey Vessel Sylean Federation LS 12 300 2
Malcolm class Corvette Enlightened LE 11 800 2
Nostrii class Science Scout Third Imperium LS 13 100 3
Sariwon class Corvette Worlds of The Leader LE 11 450 2
Shalis class Patrol Corvette Zhodani LE 14 600 4
Stalwart class Corvette Third Imperium LE 15 700 4
Starleaper class Exploration Vessel United States Space Force LS 9 1,000 1
Type HX class Explorer Hiver LS 12 200 3
Type L class Laboratory ship Third Imperium L 11 400 2
VCS 889 class Survey Ship Viyard Concourse LS 10 300
Wasinki class Corvette Solomani LE 11 200 2

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