Remnants Subsector

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Remnants Subsector
Zeda Ushra Pact

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Sector Dagudashaag
Capital Liikiir (Dagudashaag 1029)
No. of Stars 38
Stellar and Economic data data page
Majority Control Third Imperium - 100%

As its name suggests, this subsector has the last remnants of sparsely populated wilderness in what is otherwise a heavily settled and civilized sector. It is a region of stark contrasts. The high-tec orbital complex of the Ducal palace at D'Artur (Dagudashaag 0924) is only three parsecs away from the TL–4 world of Muruk (Dagudashaag 1021).


Astrographic features[edit]

The most important astrographical formation in this area is the Pact-Remnants Mainbridge, a portion of the Dagudashaag Main between Urgu (Dagudashaag 0823) and Dashi (Dagudashaag 1723).

With the advent of higher jump trade, the primary communications route between Medurma (world) and Ushra now goes directly from Campbell (Dagudashaag 1722) to Nakharpii (Dagudashaag 1420), thus bypassing the subsector completely.

The following astrographic features and trade routes can be found within this area:

Native sophonts[edit]

The following races (sophont species) are believed to have originated in this area:

History and background[edit]

On some maps, the subsector capital is marked as D'Artur (Dagudashaag 0924). The official capital is on Liikiir, which is where most of the administrative facilities exists. The current duke Stefan de Bere-Owstrowski, is also a high ranking Naval officer and spends a great deal of time at the Naval base on D'Artur. So much so, most of the high level decision making and court functions are held there most of the time.

Historical Eras[edit]

  • Milieu 1116

Major historical events timeline[edit]

Politics and diplomacy: Milieu 1116[edit]

Remnants, subsector J of Dagudashaag has 38 worlds, of which 29 have native gas giants. The estimated population for the subsector is 9 billion sophonts (not necessarily humans). There are two High population (Hi) worlds, one Moderate population (Ph) world, 17 Non-industrial (Ni) worlds, 12 Low population (Lo) worlds, and no Barren (Ba) worlds. There are six Agricultural (Ag) worlds versus three Pre-Agricultural (Pa) worlds, and one Non-Agricultural (Na) world. There are four Rich (Ri) worlds versus no Industrial (In) worlds. There are no Asteroid (As) belts, two Desert (De) worlds, no Garden (Ga) worlds, no Ice-capped (Ic) worlds, nine Poor (Po) worlds, two Vacuum (Va) worlds, and one Water (Wa) or Ocean (Oc) world. There are eight Naval bases in the subsector, 13 Scout bases, and no Way stations. In Remnants there is one race homeworld. The Imperial nobility includes 38 Knights, five Baronets, six Barons, four Marquises, one Viscount, two Counts, one Duke, and one Subsector Duke. The highest population world is Ispumer (Dagudashaag 1222). The highest tech level is E at D'artur (Dagudashaag 0924). The average technology level is 9 (with most between 6 and 11).

Polity Listing[edit]

The Third Imperium, Domain of Vland in Remnants has jurisdiction over 36 worlds with a population of 9 billion. The highest population world is Ispumer (Dagudashaag 1222). The highest tech level is E at D'artur (Dagudashaag 0924). The average technology level is 9 (with most between 6 and 11). The subsector capital is Liikiir (Dagudashaag 1029).

The Third Imperium, Amec Protectorate in Remnants has jurisdiction over two worlds with a population of less than 1 million. The Remnants Subsector is defended by 190th Fleet.


Significant populations of the following races (sophont species) reside within this area:

World Listing[edit]

38 Worlds in the Remnants Subsector
Akigir  •   Apemkir  •   Arlim Dusiru  •   Beleperan  •   Calobrur  •   Cr'cpuc  •   D'Artur  •   Darusush  •   Darzii  •   Gesrakur  •   Giarkhesa  •   Haven's Gate  •   Iilenkhis  •   Ipkur  •   Ispumer  •   Iushush  •   Khiishpur  •   Kirusis  •   Kulisaan  •   Kuuranse  •   Larsen  •   Lemimamur  •   Liikiir  •   Madingik  •   Muruk  •   Naruppesh  •   Nuaam Igzur  •   Nurashimu  •   Omegindus  •   Parendis  •   Perkurshir  •   Reshumirak  •   Shankida  •   Station Three  •   Urshushur  •   Ussine  •   Wilderness  •   Zukalis

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