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Reactionary People's Front for the Liberation of Solomani Ideals, the Red Eagles is a violent, pro-Solomani, terrorist organization active mainly in the Bolivar, Argi and Sapphyre subsectors of Dagudashaag. However, operations funded by the Red Eagles have been traced across the entire sector.

This terrorist group was most active between 990 and 1009 but sporadic incidents have been attributed to them right up to present day. The last major act that could be traced to the Red Eagles, was the attack on the Free University of Ushra’s surface base at Shabamiir which resulted in the death of 100 personnel. The Red Eagles claimed this attack was because Ushra had "sold out" the Solomani ideal. Red Eagles are also believed to have claimed responsibility for the death of Duke Raegis Viisarikaa in 1114.

In 1115 a co-ordinated ambush was carried out on a terrorist base on Sharaa (Dagudashaag 1539) which is believed to have wiped out the core of the group. Nothing has been heard from them since and it is believed that the Red Eagle Leader, Kylie Two-Shadows, was killed in the attack.

There is still a Cr10,000 reward outstanding for information leading to the capture of any Red Eagle members.

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