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Range Valyana (Polity) Synopsis[edit]


Range Valyana (Polity) Goals[edit]


Range Valyana (Polity) History & Background[edit]

Range Valyana "Settled by nomadic peoples of primarily Vilani extraction during the break up of the First Imperium, this state quickly expanded to its present borders. A rather static civilization has arisen with many conservative features as throw-backs to nomadic days. The most prominent example is the fact that there are three separate capitals which each serve as supreme capital in turn. The people are individually excitable and agressive, but, as a whole, the cultures are almost static. Not of conquering bent, Range Valyana combined with Ramayan and the K'Chemi Centralate to free the Krymia. Even to date, the Valyana maintain extra patrols on the Zultanate border. The Valyan attitude is not to go looking for trouble but to glory in meeting any that turns up." --Maranantha-Alkahest Sector Guidebook

Range Valyana (Polity) Government & Politics[edit]


Range Valyana (Polity) Technology & Trade[edit]


Range Valyana (Polity) Military & Intelligence[edit]

Naval Technology: TL 14 at one of the Tri-Capitals, at least 3 other TL 12 shipyards.

Range Valyana (Polity) Sectors & Astrography[edit]


Range Valyana (Polity) References & Background[edit]

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