Rajiv class Destroyer

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Rajiv class Destroyer
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Unpublished, non-canon fan design.
Type: DD Destroyer
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Cargo 100 Tons
Cost MCr5,391.2
Crew 149
Officers TBD
Enlisted TBD
Hardpoints 50
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Jump J-3
Maneuver 6 G
Model TBD
Origin Principality of Caledon
Passengers 0 High/Med Frozen Watch Low
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Size 5,000 Tons
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Tech Level TL–12
Starships are designed with the Classic Traveller format, using High Guard Shipyard v1.13 written by Andrea Vallance.

Equipped only with turreted weapon systems, the design reserves enough room for a large cargo hold. This allows enough supplies to be carried for long patrols and permits the ship to stay on station for longer than normal. The jump capsule equipped marines aboard are reinforced with a squadron of light fighters for CAS, a platoon of tanks, artillery and APCs for support.

Preferred for assault task forces and planetary attack, it has not done too well in fleet action because of the lack of hull armor. The endurance it has comes at a price. Its streamlined hull allows it to enter atmospheres to wreck havoc at close range on ground targets.

Rajiv class Destroyer
DD-E1367F3-091100-68006-1   MCr. 5,391.2 Size: 5,000 tons
Bearing       1     21 2 Crew: 149
Batteries     1     21 2 TL: 12
Cargo: 100 ton main hold Frozen Watch   Fuel: 1,850 tons   EP: 350 Agility: 5
Marines: 60 Drop Capsules: 4 (plus 49 Ready)
Craft: 1 x 40T Pinnace, 8 x 10T Light Fighters, 4 x 4T Grav Tanks, 4 x 4T SP Guns, 4 x 4T Grav APCs
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and on board fuel purification
Architect's Fee: MCr 53.912 Cost in Quantity: MCr 4,312.96

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