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The Rainbow Vale is a center of powerful biotech industry on Magash (Deneb Sabine).

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Because of its remote location and the outrageous science that this work seemed to encourage, the Vale is rather out of place for a world still dominated by staid Vilani politics. It was also independent of the vicious inter-city politics that turned the world into a seething powderkeg for most of the antebellum period. In many ways the local political elites simply left the eccentric scientists alone, allowing them to build some very non-Vilani expertise in advanced biotechnology. Today the Vale is a semi-autonomous research and development enclave of about two million people. It has an advanced research university, its own police and militia, and a strong sense of disdain for politics of any kind. The local elite are practically of celebrity status on Magash, and many senior executives are List A political figures in their own right, and hold most of the real power in Magash's convoluted government. Their steady accumulation of wealth allowed Magash to bankroll its unification after the Collapse, and helped modernize its industry to keep pace despite the TL-15 cap.

The Vale takes its name from the kaleidoscopic mineral assemblages that were unearthed by past drilling operations. The community is actually built into the sides of a large crater complex, with the crater floors left open for the shipyards and starport.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Originally the Rainbow Vale was a deep excavation and drilling site for research into the mysterious life that exists far beneath the surface in the Sunless Sea. Thousands of bore holes were drilled by various technologies in a vain attempt to tap the Deep Sea layers.

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