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Cost Cr300
Size 60cm
Type Weapon
Tech Level TL–10
Weight 2.5kg

The Railbow is a mechanical projectile weapon, the railbow uses the potential energy of a powerful, geared spring to propel a 250mm arrow. The railbow is built around a central rail and sheathe, which is usually hollow titanium or some other hard metal, although some models use a ceramic-sheathed polymer rail. It features two handles, one fore, attached to the outer sheathe and one aft, attached to the end of the rail, a sight and a skeleton magazine, both attached to the outer rail. The magazine holds around ten darts and feeds them into the device’s chamber. Although the weapon does not resemble a conventional bow, the weapon is cocked in a way which looks exactly like the action of pulling a bow, hence the weapon's name. Pulling the weapon extends the weapon’s length by around 300mm, cocks the weapons spring and slots a new dart into the chamber. The trigger is a thumb-operated button on the top of the rear handle. When the arrow has been shot, the weapon must be telescoped back together and re-drawn for the next arrow. Railbows are adjustable, for a pull of between 8kg and 60kg and a draw of between 200mm and 400mm. The railbow is a popular target-shooting weapon, used on a number of worlds.

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