Quadrant Alpha Subsector

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Quadrant Alpha Subsector
Tangal Stane Festab

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Sector Theta Borealis
Capital None
No. of Stars 27
Majority Control Peladon - 27%
2nd Control Non-aligned - 73%

In Alpha Quadrant of the Theta Borealis Sector is a small semi-autonomous colony.


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3 Worlds in the Quadrant Alpha Subsector
Antares (TB 0104)  •  Poltan  •  Quandre  •  

Asteroid Ship[edit]

The asteroid belt Siderion (A000667-C) has a single asteroid ship. It carries a single battalion of 500 protected forces troops. It carries enough fuel for two jump 1s. It has a 70 ton shuttle for refueling. It is armed with 90 missile launchers in thirty triple turrets, organized into three firing batteries.

AM-C8111F3-300000-00006-0 MCr. 902.933   3,000 tons
Bearing               3                  Crew 528
Batteries             3                  TL 12
Cargo: 3 tons Fuel: 630 tons  EP: 30 Agility: 0   Marines: 500   Drop Capsules: 50 (plus 450 Ready)
Craft: 1 x 70T Shuttle
Fuel Treatment:   On Board Fuel Purification
Architects Fee: MCr 9.029   Cost in Quantity: MCr 722.347

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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