Portable Airlock

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Portable Airlock
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Cost Cr1,250
Size 2,000.0 liters
Type Structure
Tech Level TL–9
Weight 350.0 kg
Manufacturer Various

A Portable Airlock is an inflatable, portable chamber that can be attached to the vacuum side of a bulkhead, entered, and pressurized, which allows a hole to be cut into a pressurized area without depressurization. It includes a patch held in place by pressure which seals the hole when the airlock is depressurized.

A portable airlock consists of a metal frame which supports clear reinforced plastic panels, as well as various connectors, supports and seals. A portalock is designed to fit snugly when assembled into the standard ship's corridor, converting it into a 1.5 x 1.5 meter airlock. Assembly requires at least two people, and two to four hours. When completed, the basic portalock has two walls with airtight doors.

A basic portalock set costs Cr1250, with an extra door costing Cr300, and a floor or ceiling modular wall with a hatch costing Cr250. Disassembled, it fits into a container two meters, by one meter by 0.7 meters. The container also holds a pressurized air tank and automatic pump.

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