Pilot's Guide to the Drexilthar Subsector

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Pilot's Guide to the Drexithar Subsector
Publisher Gamelords
Version Classic Traveller
Author J. Andrew Keith
Format Digest
Canonical 0
Edition 1st
Year Published 1984
Pages 50
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This book provides a good summary of all of the worlds in the Drexilthar Subsector (subsector K) of the Reaver's Deep Sector.


From the navigational computer files of the Imperium comes A Pilot's Guide to the Drexilthar Subsector, a detailed examination of a single subsector of Reavers' Deep on the Imperial frontiers. This supplement presents background information on the Deep and Drexilthar Subsector (setting for the Gamelords Ltd. adventure The Drenslaar Quest and Duneraiders). Each world in the subsector is explored in sufficient depth to be the setting for one or more specific adventures for use with Traveller. Planetary data on each world is also of use in conjunction with the Gamelords Traveller supplements dealing with environments.

Come explore the Traveller universe with A Pilot's Guide to the Drexilthar Subsector.

Meta-history & Background[edit]

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J. Andrew Keith
William H. Keith, Jr.
Kerry Lloyd
Michael Watkins
Janet Trautvetter

Table of Contents[edit]

Introduction 4
Reavers' Deep 10
The Drexilthar Subsector 13
Planetary descriptions 16
References and Useful Material 48