Pieshivl Subsector

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Pieshivl Subsector
Fulani 0103Fulani 0104Fulani 0110Fulani 0202Fulani 0203Fulani 0205Fulani 0207Fulani 0210Fulani 0304Fulani 0309Fulani 0401Fulani 0404Fulani 0409Fulani 0506Fulani 0602Fulani 0604Fulani 0606Fulani 0607Fulani 0608Fulani 0609Fulani 0703Fulani 0706Fulani 0707Fulani 0709Fulani 0710Fulani 0809Fulani 0810String of Pearls SubsectorGembolia SubsectorAquaria SubsectorRosorky SubsectorFulani SectorPieshivl SubsectorAquaria SubsectorBilahew SubsectorLythgoe SubsectorRosorky SubsectorZhdierqr SubsectorTiachtiebria SubsectorVanguard SubsectorEncha SubsectorRdrefrn-40 SubsectorJanzya'jopr SubsectorZachrisson SubsectorEiebl SubsectorJdinchpipr SubsectorOzhev SubsectorIdella SubsectorPieshivl subsector
Sector Fulani
No. of Stars 27
Majority Control Non-Aligned - 100%
Map Key Map Key

The Fulani sector is at the edge of charted space and many worlds, and indeed entire subsectors within it have little or patchy data and many may be uninhabited. There is no data on the population of any world within this subsector, although Fulani 0404 is listed as having attained Tech Level 6.