Pharmaceuticals of Charted Space

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Pharmaceuticals of Charted Space: The TL-15 life sciences have come up with a bewildering number of medicines and drugs in an attempt to improve the quality of life and prevent or mitigate disease.

  • The legal drugs are known as pharmaceuticals...
  • The illegal ones are known as narcotics...
  • And the most famous of them are known as Anagathics!

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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Life-extending Anagathics[edit]

Anagathics are one of the key technologies available within Charted Space. An anagathic is a life-prolonging drug. There are many varieties available, but they all share but a single characteristic: they are prohibitively expensive and unaffordable to the greater masses. Anagathics trade is nevertheless big business and the rich of nearly every major race partakes of these medical miracles. Cultural taboos against taking anagathics exist in some parts of Charted Space.

Medicinal Pharmaceuticals (Drugs)[edit]

Illicit Drugs (Narcotics)[edit]

Please see AAB article: Pharmaceuticals of Charted Space Some polities attempt to limit the usage of certain kinds of drugs for various reasons. There are few Imperium-wide prohibitions, although local laws may vary greatly. Amongst the more limited drugs are:

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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