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Per-Olof Bergstedt aka BeRKA is a Traveller fan, electrical engineer, and all around good guy.

Description (Biography)[edit]

P-O Bergstedt lives in Sweden.

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  1. Amber Zone
  2. Beaked Monkey
  3. Berka class Heavy Fleet Corvette
  4. Zhodani

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  1. Image of Beaked Monkey.
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  2. Image of TML Landgrab.
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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

He maintains The Zhodani Base website, a large Traveller resource with library data, alternate rules, and a number of very useful online tools.

  • His Zhodani Base web site has been instrumental to making Traveller available to the community, even after publishers have gone out of business or come upon hard times.
  • His jolly good-natured spirit has made him an exceptionally well-liked character.

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