Peedizh Chr Subsector

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Peedizh Chr Subsector
SabraitlDliaench DichZhdeeieplfZhdliafrpliaDlarezhrblChiadr Tsash)VachteblashBlech NetlbrFliaofraenshZhaenzhaDlidl RazhbiTsiesh BriaflNiblaitsrieDishtieinshialTsishia' ChinsChtesaidrdlDiaiebr Vri'StielivrtlPoshtozhi'IedTostaavrChtenchPliezhZdeetsrMekrashozh SubsectorTsadra Sector Subsector DTapljifriens SubsectorIzellensjdash SubsectorYiklerzdanzh SectorPeedizh Chr SubsectorTapljifriens SubsectorShipaiebria SubsectorDrbli Chtidr SubsectorIzellensjdash SubsectorMeichntid Ibl SubsectorLenchiajzhdiezh SubsectorChinzhedniedoch SubsectorTalpaku SubsectorStellar Chorus SubsectorWyld Worlds SubsectorAkigura SubsectorString of Pearls SubsectorDlarashtsalash SubsectorIzh Kriezhlal SubsectorRom's Loch SubsectorPeedizh Chr
Sector Yiklerzdanzh
Capital Chtench
No. of Stars 23
Majority Control Zhodani Consulate - 100%
Map Key Map Key
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