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Paya Shipyards Paya (Spinward Marches 2509) sits centrally in a cluster of J1 worlds ranging from TL4 to 9. As the only Class A Shipyard within 6 parsecs, its production of the Paya Light Freighter has been crucial to local world development and interstellar trade.

Due to labour constraints, shipyard capacity is restricted to 100tn. Despite this the yard consistently launches one or two new ships every year as well as provide annual maintenance for existing ships.Overflow work often gets taken up by Inthe Shipyards, 2 parsecs away. For example fitouts and non-drive maintenance.


Owned by the E'douhart family, the shipyard has been building ships since well before Paya's great disaster of 1075. Fortunately at the time of the asteriod strike, the E'douhart family and the families of several close friends were able to escape the planet on two Paya LF and join survivors on Paya's Highport.

After an absence of several years the E'douhart family returned to Paya to resume the business. It is now, by far, the biggest export earner on Paya.

Products and services[edit]

The Paya Light Freighter is the clusters foremost mover of people and goods between the stars. A 100tn hull with J1 drives, a 52tn payload capacity and a wide variety of potential fitouts. Reliable and profitable, you will not find a better new option in the cluster. Place your order with our company representatives on Paya or Inthe today.

Maintenance services are restricted to Paya Light Freighters. "We are committed to providing a premium service, ensuring reliable and profitable operation of our ships." said Micheal E'douhart CEO of Paya Shipyards. "Our ships reliability is high compared to our competitors and for good reason, we stand proudly behind our ships. And we promise you will not find safer, more reliable drives in the cluster."


Whilst maintenance services are excellant, time delays on new ship construction are legendary and construction quality can be variable.

The Shipyard is very cool towards owners of foriegn made ships looking for maintenance or spare parts - most often the answer is a firm, expletive ridden no. It is suspected this attitude is commercially driven, ensuring the Paya LF is virtually the only maintained craft of its type in the cluster. The alternative is to get drive maintenance at Risek (Spinward Marches 2712) or Fulacin (Spinward Marches 2613) 6 parsecs away in Rhylanor Subsector.


Oberlindes Lines whilst not directly competing in the ship building market, is competeing for the shipping business that drives sales of the Paya LF. Oberlindes has a fleet of mostly tech 12 ships, serviced in thier private yard on Paya. Most often Oberlindes ships work class C or better Starports. In the cluster that is Dhian 2510, Inthe 2410, Keanou 2411 plus the high pop world of Rethe 2408.

Risek 2712 shipyards (tech 10) build a tech 9 400tn Freighter for use in the cluster which has proved profitable and reliable. Drive maintenance however must be sought in Risek as there are no available facilities within the cluster.


Imperiallines is the only corporate purchaser of the Paya LF, they have 5 in operation in the cluster at present.

The majority of the remainder are in private hands but tied by contract to meet the specific routes/needs of sponsors.

Several Paya LF are being used as customs vessels on the high tech worlds of Wochiers 2207 and Rethe 2408. In both cases, purchased as a pair with a custom payload pack including 3G drives, triple turret, extra staterooms and a brig. Other worlds are looking at this as well.

Several merchants have picked up elderly Paya LF for a song and cobbled together a functioning - most of the time - ship. More a labour of love come lifestyle choice than a profit making venture, these vintage craft are always warmly welcomed back to the Paya Shipyards. The oldest serving model is LF3207, "Ugly Beatrice", Captained by Ken Arbello-Y'selu and his wife (not Beatrice...). In service from 1023 to 1096, it was found in a state of disrepair by Captain Arbello-Y'selu on Focaline 2607 in 1107 and re-launched early 1108. They made thier way back to the cluster in 1110 and have been trading ever since.

Finance and sponsorship[edit]

Purchasers are directed to enquire with institutions on thier home worlds for both finance and potential sponsorship of the deposit. Our Company representatives can assist with establishing a business proposal to demonstrate a need and profitable routes and can provide legal advice on the contractual obligations asked for in return. In all cases, seek independent legal and financial advice before commiting.

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