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Patrol Vessels are used to defend and protect star systems or other high value real estate.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Patrol and Surveillance ships largely observe space, keeping track of things that are there and watching for things that aren't supposed to be.

Strategy & Tactics (Doctrine)[edit]

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Supraclass Roles[edit]

Patrol Ships typically serve the following roles:

Supraclass Archtypes[edit]

  1. Patrol Ships (sometimes AKA Patrol Boats) are usually smaller vessels, lightly armed or unarmed, but generally with plenty of sensors, designed to maintain order in an area of space among people and ships who are inclined to be orderly in the first place. They tend to be used for space-traffic, safety and compliance patrols in areas without a lot of armed threats; a Patrol Boat may have enough firepower to deter minor threats, but isn't usually employed in places where even minor threats are likely.
  2. Surveillance Ships are similar, but generally are focused on monitoring less-friendly areas - border regions, semi-denied and occasionally denied territory. Their primary "weapon" is a comprehensive sensor and computer fit; their primary defense is stealth and passive defense.
TL-12 Patrol Class Close Escort 600 ton J-3
TL-12 Lake Class Surveillance Vessel ~10,000 ton J-2

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

Patrol Ship:

  1. Type T class Patrol Ship
    1. Lurushaar Kilaalum class Corvette
    2. Remora class Revenue Collector
    3. Salient class Patrol Frigate
    4. Sang-O class Patrol Ship
    5. She Zhenɡ Zhe class Patrol Boat
    6. Shivva class Patrol Frigate
    7. Trinity class Patrol Ship
    8. Xadis class Patrol Ship
    9. Yugo class Patrol Ship

Patrol Vessel:

  1. Type T class Patrol Cruiser AKA Type TP class Patrol Cruiser
    1. Barekdoldin class Patrol Cruiser
    2. Dyaus class Patrol Cruiser
    3. Kharsis class Patrol Cruiser
    4. Rudra class Patrol Cruiser
    5. Vayu class Patrol Cruiser

Ship Summary List[edit]

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Image Repository[edit]

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