Parliamentary Monarchists

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Parliamentary Monarchists were a faction within both the Moot Monarchist Bloc and the Imperial Monarchist Movement. While they supported the hereditary monarchy ruling from the Iridium Throne, they also supported granting expanded legislative powers to the Imperial Moot, turning the Third Imperium into a type of parliamentary system. The Emperors of the Alkhalikoi family dynasty would retain veto power over bills passed by the Moot, however.

Governmental Reforms[edit]

In addition to expanding the Moot's lawmaking powers, the Parliamentary Monarchists wanted to vest executive authority in a Council of Ministers. Some of them also wanted to grant the Moot more of a say in who would be granted a title within the Imperial Nobility and the revoking of noble status, especially the Archdukes and the Sector Dukes.

They represented a middle path between more traditional monarchists and the Moot's Republican Faction.

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