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The Padoran Assembly is a defunct state of Far Home Sector, it came into existence in around 3650AD, centered on the world of Pador, within the Pador-Aredian Cluster. At its height it included much of the Pador-Aredian cluster and had a population in excess of 1.5 billion Sophonts.

  • It included many of the former worlds of The Haven, though it was never a successor to that state, and continued it until it was destroyed by the Voyagers in 3730AD.

Description / Specifications[edit]

The Assembly was a representative democracy with a tradition of accountability and efficiency. Although it imposed relatively heavy taxation it was fair and amicable, providing excellent services for its citizens including infrastructure, subsidised travel, and health care. Although the Assembly was destroyed by the arrival of the Voyagers, many of its member systems survived the Dark Age. Pador in particular retained a large population (approximately 800 million inhabitants), a repository of knowledge, and had access to ample natural resources.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

The first settlements in the area were refugees fleeing the repressive Second Confederation. The habitable systems of the Pador-Aredian cluster attracted many migrants following the [[Fringian Civil Wars|civil wars and saw a huge increase in population, partially through the poorly regulated use of GenPods. As trade increased the worlds of the cluster formed a trade association, laying down strict rules and protocols governing interstellar commerce among the signatory systems. This agreement was the foundation of the Padoran Assembly.

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