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The Pador-Aredian Cluster is a group of stars that forms part of the Demon Cluster.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Pador-Aredian Cluster is named for the white subgiant primary star of the Aredian system and for the politically and economically dominant world of Pador. It straddles the border between Orret and Aredian Subsectors in Far Home Sector and lies on the rimward edge of the Demon's Eye Rift. Its worlds are accessible by conventional jump-1 vessels and it links to the Star Lane network through the Pador-Peset Spur. The cluster has been inhabited for millennia and has a rich and complex history and many ancient traditions.

Physical Astrography[edit]

Other Clusters & Traces[edit]

Rifts & Voids[edit]

Other Astrographic Features[edit]


  • The Cauldron Nebula, lying within Cauldron Sector, some 86 parsecs to coreward-trailing, can be seen as a star-studded luminous region in night-time skies from all of the worlds of the Cluster.

Bright Stars[edit]

  • Basilisk's Eye (1723 Tarchon Sector). The extremely luminous white supergiant star, lying around 122 parsecs to coreward-trailing, can be clearly seen from all of the worlds of the Cluster.
  • Demon's Eye (1621 Far Home Sector). The intensely luminous blue supergiant star lying approximately 15 parsec to spinward-coreward at its closest point, can be clearly seen from all of the worlds of the Cluster even in daylight.

Star Lanes[edit]

World Listing[edit]

The following systems and worlds are a part of the Pador-Aredian Cluster:

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Aredian  •  Brusior  •  Felu Mar  •  Iasanu  •  Janna  •  Naquar  •  Pador  •  Suart  •  Tasak  •  Verial  •  Xenus  •  Yalo  •  Yerrin  •  
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Subsector Listing[edit]

The Pador-Aredian Cluster lies within the following Subsectors:

Political Astrography[edit]


Population: 5.495 billion Sophonts.

  • Other Non-Human Races:
    • Hoppers: an estimated 154.115 million "Distant" Hoppers (2.8% of the population), typically within established human communities. Most have never visited Fedan, their ancestral homeworld, and many have developed unique customs and habits.
    • Diaspora Sath: unknown, estimated to be millions.
    • Temelik: approximately 387 million (7.05% of the population), primarily on Iasanu, their homeworld, but found throughout human-controlled space.

Native Sophonts[edit]

Linguistic Topography[edit]

The following languages are the most commonly spoken within the Cluster:


No polities exist within the Cluster.

Interstellar Relations[edit]

The worlds of the Pador-Aredian Cluster are non-aligned, though all look to Pador for leadership and defense. Three systems within the Cluster are directly administered by Pador, including Iasanu, the homeworld of the Temelik. The vessels of the Padoran Grand Fleet patrol the Cluster, regulating interstellar trade, flying the flag for Pador, and maintaining political stability. Pador could easily support a substantially larger navy and military but conservative political interests within its government prevent this.

  • Pador is deeply concerned about the danger presented by the Sath on its rimward borders and is increasing its military presence among the systems in the area. Vessels of the Padoran Grand Fleet frequently come into contact with powerful Sath commerce raiders.
  • Powerful Sath commerce raiders have been active within the cluster and present a considerable danger to interstellar trade and commerce.


  • Pador is considered to be the capital.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Cluster was the location of The Haven and of the Padoran Assembly during the Second and Third Confederations. Many of its worlds became barren during the Dark Age but Pador survived and even flourished, developing a large population and a comprehensive infrastructure.

The Cluster was formerly under the jurisdiction of the New Frontiers Development Organisation, which chose to site its headquarters within the Yerrin system. When New Frontiers dissolved in the

The Sath Diaspora period saw the establishment of small refugee Sath Factions owing no loyalty to the Sath Alliance.

  • The worlds of the Pador-Aredian Cluster have had a small Sath population since the Sath Diaspora of the 55th century. These outcast Sath inhabit isolated communities in remote areas of the Cluster and largely shun contact with humans.

Major Historical Events Timeline[edit]

Some of the more important historical events that have affected this area include:

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This astrographic feature is primarily found in the following areas:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds are associated with this astrographic feature:

13 of 13 World articles in Pador-Aredian Cluster
Aredian  •  Brusior  •  Felu Mar  •  Iasanu  •  Janna  •  Naquar  •  Pador  •  Suart  •  Tasak  •  Verial  •  Xenus  •  Yalo  •  Yerrin  •  
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