P35 Gauss Pistol

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P35 Gauss Pistol
Group: Pistol, Slug
Tech Level TTL12
Size 18 cm long
Weight 1 kg loaded
Cost Cr950
Ammo {{{ammo}}}
Manufacturer Mackenzie Small Arms

The Mackenzie P35 is a gauss pistol employed by the armed forces of the Principality of Caledon. The weapon also has many export customers.


The P35 is a double-action automatic Gauss pistol with an advanced ergonomic grip, ambidextrous controls, and an accessory attachment point integrated into its MAK (Molecularly-aligned Ceramic) frame.

It uses a 20 round magazine.


The P35 has several current variants.


The "short" version - with a shorter barrel, smaller (12 round) magazine, and abbreviated frame (without the accessory lug), for applications where maximum concealment is needed.

P35 C[edit]

A match-grade customized version offered to Caledonian special forces (and status-conscious officers who want to purchase a top-flight pistol for over Cr3,000) and other discerning customers, capable of peerless short-range accuracy.

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