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House Oberlindes is a powerful family with much influence through several sectors and the interstellar shipping industry.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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House Geneology[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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House Foundation[edit]

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House Members of Distinction[edit]

Note: For the monent, I'm just trying to list all the members of this family in one place.

  • Roxanne Oberlindes. Founded the first Oberlindes Lines in 487.
  • Amanda Oberlindes. Head of family around 1000.
  • Eric Oberlindes. Eldest son of Amanda.
  • Marc hault-Oberlindes. Eldest son of Erik. 1st Baron of Feri (of a second or later creation). Chairman of the Board of Oberlindes Lines. Born in 1027.
  • Olivia Oberlindes. Cousin of Marc. Chief Financial Officer of Oberlindes Lines. Non-canonical.
  • Basil Oberlindes-Esek. Spouse of another of Marc's cousins. Chief of Personnel of Oberlindes Lines. Non-canonical.
  • Sergei hault-Oberlindes. Only issue of Marc. CEO and Chief of Administration of Oberlindes Lines. Married Zinovia. Born 1085.
  • Zinovia hault-Oberlindes. Wife of Sergei. Chief of Operations of Oberlindes Lines.
  • Wilhelm Oberlindes. Cousin of Sergei. Chief of Security for Oberlindes Lines. Non-canonical.
  • Amanda Oberlindes. Oldest issue of Sergei and Zinovia. Born in 1106. Non-canonical.
  • Erik Oberlindes. Second issue of Sergei and Zinovia. Born in 1108. Non-canonical.

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